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Virtual Cow Experiment Aims to Teach Empathy

Virtual reality is beginning to play a very important role in our lives as people are spending increasingly more time online. Researchers of Stanford University decided to use virtual reality as means of developing great habits with people.

One of the labs of Stanford Unversity is now adjusted to be a virtual pasture. A person enters the lab, puts on all necessary equipment and becomes a cow. The person can walk the pastures, develop and grow, and then move to the slaughterhouse. The experiment is aimed at developing empathy to cows. Some users said that they would never eat beef again. In addition to this virtual experiment, one can chop down a virtual tree, swim in a polluted ocean, become a super hero, etc.

The researchers hope that their volunteers will develop great habits thanks to virtual reality. The judgement is based on findings that cruel virtual reality games lead to increased levels of agression. Now, they try to develop empathy and achieve positive results.

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